A Medley of

This collection consists of mementos which are things
kept as a reminder of a person, moment or a place.
Each item represents a fragment of the past.

The Duck Sharpener

A cute blue decorative with googly eyes (its actually a pencil sharpener).
It was brought from a stationary shop in a small town on a hill station in Mussoorie, India.



“錦鯉” Nishigikoi in Japense literally translates to “brocaded carp” is thought to be a symbol of luck, prosperity,
and good fortune within Japan.
This bamboo bookmark is a small souvenir from a Temple in Kyoto.

Indonasion dancer

Wooden craft work depicting an Indonesian women wearing batik.
A token from recieved an international art showroom.


A pokeball is an item used by characters in the Animated series Pokemon to catch Pokemon.
It was one of the prizes from a gaming arcade in Thailand.


This coin pouch is the character from an animated movie My Neighbour Totoro who is the spirit king of the forest.
It is farewell gift given before departing for college.


Cony is one of the characters from LINE(social media app).
This was a token of completing fitness challenges of an exercise club in high school.


This Japanese amulet is dedicated to the Shinto knowledge God.
The character on it means “to guide and to protect”.
It was also a gift from a friend to help me find what I wanted to pursue.

Cat Page clip

This adorable page clip was a gift from a close friend before graduating high school.
We always tried to read as many books as we can so we never run out of conversation topics.